If you wish to order prescription repeats it is often more accurate to do this by phone so a Pharmacist can discuss specific requests and confirm or provide more information / options on the spot.

We understand this is not always convenient e.g outside on business hours and you want to get a job done. In that case please use our contact us form (of relevant location) or email us. Please ensure you leave as much detail and specifics as possible:

  • Patient full name
  • Patient address
  • What medicines are required
  • What medicines are not required
  • Time frame for collection or delivery
  • Contact phone number
  • If wishing to collect early and reason

Note: We clear emails and requests in the morning and the afternoon and will reply to confirm or seek further information. 

If your collection / delivery is URGENT you must CALL US to ensure we have it processed to meet your timeframe.

We also offer a text service to remind you about any expiring prescription repeats. Simply register at the pharmacy or give us a call and let us know that you’d like to be reminded via text message. We’ll notify you prior to any repeats expiring, allowing you peace of mind that you won't miss out.

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